Appreciate Your Senior Dog

10 Reasons to Appreciate Your Senior Dog

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While most people find it hard to resist the lovable allure of a puppy, or the activity of a young adult dog, passing up life in the company of a senior dog is a life experience lots of people don’t know they’re missing. Senior dogs have all of the right stuff a dog offers: loyal, loving, friendly and none short on laughs, these adorable senior pets still have so much to offer. Here are ten reasons why we should appreciate senior dogs:


  1. House trained

Senior dogs are house trained. There’s no reason to worry about going through the phases of teaching a puppy all of the home etiquette – your senior pet has already got it down.


  1. No Chewing

Most old pets have left the “destroying anything in sight” far behind them. Rather than having to “puppy proof” your home daily, you can just appreciate your dog. And also, your dog will be intelligent since he may read through the paper and not chew it.


  1. They like been quiet

That’s never to say that senior dogs don’t require play time and exercise, but just like most senior citizens, senior dogs enjoy their relaxation time. They like cuddling up on the couch and watching TV, and they don’t have to be stimulated always like a young dog with higher energy. They won’t be poking at you to toss a ball or squeak a toy when you’re willing to work at home. They’re content to take naps, look out through the window, or curl up with you while you have fun with a good book.


  1. Immediate Companion

Senior dogs are instant friends — ready for swimming, car trips, hiking, and several other things you might like to do.


  1. Less Exercise Needed

As dogs grow older, they often slowdown, which implies that you won’t need to take those 10 mile walks in order to get your dog to settle down. Senior dogs are ideal for people who can’t physically exercise their dog or don’t have so much time for physical exercises.


  1. with Age, Comes Wisdom

There is one thing about the eyes of a senior dog. Focus on them, and you will see a magnitude of knowledge well beyond their years on Earth. They simply draw you in and make you think.


  1. Babysitters

Senior dogs are excellent “babysitters.” If you are bringing home a new puppy, your aging dog will help you teach them “doggy manners” and also the ropes of the house. Some are even great at babysitting two-legged infants.


  1. Grateful

While young adult dogs and puppies tend to blow you off, senior dogs are thankful for the things you are doing and the affection you give. An old pet lets you realize that they appreciate everything you do.


  1. Calmness

Senior dogs are usually calmer than a younger dog or puppy, making them safer to have around our own youngsters, older people, or those that have physical limitations. You are less likely to get step on or knocked over by a senior dog. And also, senior dogs let you get a great night’s sleep since they’re familiar with human daily activities and don’t usually need nighttime feedings, comforting, or toilet breaks.


  1. Cuddle Bugs

Because they require less exercise, there is more moment for cuddling. Elderly dogs make fantastic lap or snuggle buddies.


Senior dogs are great companion, human’s best friend and they really need to be appreciated.